While we often write in isolation, we are also part of a community of writers rich in wisdom.  This page is dedicated to helping young writers tap into the resources that may widen their perspective, give them a leg up, or simply inspire.

  • Lukeman, Noah - The First Five Pages
  • Maass, Donald - The Fire in Fiction
  • McKee, Robert - Story
  • Peck, Richard - Invitations to the World
  • Pressfield, Steven - The War of Art
  • See, Carolyn - Making a Literary Life
  • Stiefvater, Gratton, & Yovanoff - The Curiosities
  • Strunk & White - The Elements of Style
  • Ueland, Brenda - If You Want to Write
  • Vogler, Christopher - The Writer's Journey
  • Ackerman & Puglisi - The Emotion Thesaurus
  • Bernays & Painter - What If?
  • Bettelheim, Bruno - The Uses of Enchantment
  • Bradbury, Ray - Zen in the Art of Writing
  • Cron, Lisa - Story Genius
  • Dillard, Annie - The Writing Life
  • Gilbert, Elizabeth - Big Magic
  • Goldberg, Natalie - Writing Down the Bones
  • Henderson, Kathy - Market Guide for Young Writers
  • King, Stephen - On Writing
  • Lamott, Anne - Bird by Bird
Writers must labor from a vague feeling, usually some large, old emotion, and in so laboring, come to understand the qualities of that feeling, and the source of it, and the reason they still feel it. That effort is practiced in a place typically insulated from even the idea of publication, and it depends upon a combination of exerting and relaxing one’s will over the writing.
— Sarah Manguso